Is This Zodwa WaBantu’s Ben 10?


Is this guy Zodwa WaBantu’s new lover? The so called “Ben 10”? The popular entertainer Zodwa Wabantu  has revealed that she found new lover, although there is a possibility of an age gap. The love struck socialite seems to be ready to protect her relationship, as she says she is unfazed by what people may say.
“He is younger but I am not worried about the age gap. You know that I don’t care what people say,” she said.
“He is not in the industry. He is a banker and he is not attracted to my fame.
“Actually, we met before I was famous and then we lost contact. He messaged me and we started hanging out again but he is not with me for my fame.
Wabantu, however, stated that she is not interested in marriage and we take things as they come.The socialite has also hinted that she will be retiring from the spotlight in 2019. She seems to understand how the industry works better than most veterans, or it is having a good manager by her side?
“He is fun but he is not husband material. We are just hanging out. He comes to my shows, we eat, we drink and we do a whole lot of other things together. It is just someone to talk to.”

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