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Zodwa WaBantu Now Brand Ambassador of an Energy Drink Brand.


Move over Savanna…Zodwa is smart and she has entered into a deal with an energy drink brand Angel Factor. We are not privvy of the value of this endorsement, but surely it could rake in decent thousands for our dancing star, the queen of Eyadini.

Writing on her facebook page, she said,”#AngelFactorEnergyDrink Deal in the Bag. I can’t thank God enough and thanks to that first person who decided to take a video while I was dancing living my simple life not aware that I can get paid from it ENERGY BEYOND LIMITS LIKE”

This was a caption on  photo below.

Zodwa’s trademark image always featured a Savanna bottle, but it seems like the Marketing team at the popular alcohol brand did not see the power in the Zodwa brand as an influencer.

We would like to congratulate whoever is behind Angel Factor SA, for this will give your drink more exposure, millions of rands worth of exposure thorugh our Zodwa.

Check Angel Factor on this page

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