Zodwa Wabantu: I am not a Lesbian, I am attracted to men


Popular entertainer and socialite Zodwa “Libram” Wabantu has come out to dismiss fake news reports that she recently admitted to being lesbian and is dating a woman named Thusi. She expressed her disappointment as the fabricated article and  said that while she is a strong advocate of the LGBTI community, she’s attracted to men.

TshisaLIVE  reports that Zodwa said she was aware of reports that quoted her as saying she wants to settle down with a woman. Zodwa waBantu however said she is SINGLE, which is a plus for those searching. ( As single men do Vosho entering Eyadini)

“Look, as far as relationships are concerned, I am currently single after breaking up with the man I was seeing. I am not attracted to women like that. I have kissed women and I believe there is a picture circulating of me kissing a woman, but it was just a kiss. I kiss a lot of people when I am at events because I am friendly to my fans. But I am not lesbian,” she said.

The entertainer explained that she had a lot of friends who belonged to the LGBTI community, whom she loves dearly. She also explained said she was single because she was “intimidating” to her ex.

“My schedule and change in financial standing became too much for him. I think he was intimidated and I also can’t have a man who thinks it’s okay for me to just give him money. No matter how much money I make, I still needed him to be a man in the relationship. So I was sad when he told me we had drifted away but I wasn’t willing to buy love,” she explained.

An entertainment analyst has decried the emergence of fake news publications that continue to churn our fabricated articles, some of which has dire effects on entertainers and celebrities in terms of their image and PR costs. Zodwa waBantu fans include men, and the alleged fake article that makes claims that she is lesbian is surely meant to discourage her legion of fans to see her the way they do. In this age of digital media, news spread fast and sometimes it is difficult to pick out what is real and fake.


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