Zodwa Wabantu barred from entering Eyadini Lounge


Famous KZN socialite, Dancer and MC who is a frequenter the popular Eyadini, Durban’s coolest social gathering  spot, was apparently barred from entering the VIP section this past weekend.

What could have gone wrong? Wonder no more, that jaw-dropping black number she wore at the Durban July was one of the reasons Zodwa was stopped from entering the spot.

According to IOL, people who were fighting for her to enter the VIP section failed at convincing security to let Zodwa in as well.

However it seems like the dress wasn’t the only reason why Zodwa couldn’t get into the VIP section. According to the publication, it was also because Zodwa did not have accreditation that  was supposed to enable her to access the VIP section and hence she was turned back from entering.

Zodwa explained that the people who had not given her access to the VIP section do not know how things work there and that it was already organized that she and her people be placed in the VIP section.

The black number she wore is still trending on social networks, Zodwa explained that she wore that dress because she wanted people to talk about her and it clearly worked. She also explained that the reason why she showed her thigh in that dress is that she is proud of her body. She claims she did it for other women.

“I chose the dress because it represents who I am. I wanted something that would be comfortable, but as usual I wanted something that would make people talk,” she said.

Wabantu said the dress drew attention and definitely brought business. “This body is what brings bread and butter to my table. My job is to entertain people and this dress is part of the package.”

She said while most women would criticise her, she enjoyed the attention from men. “If men appreciate what they see, women should learn to appreciate that,” she quipped.

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