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Zille refuses to name funders of DA leader’s birthday bash


Zille has told The Sunday Times that she would not share the names of those who funded acting Western Cape DA leader Bongimkosi Madikizela’s birthday party earlier this year at the swanky One and Only in Cape Town.

Madikizela‚ who also serves in Zille’s cabinet as MEC for human settlements‚ has refused to name the donors‚ as has his partner‚ Nomafrench Mbombo‚ who serves as MEC for health.

The ANC has reported both Madikizela and Mbombo to the public protector over “seemingly illegal and irregular contributions” made toward birthday parties.

Zille has publically claimed to have a full list of donors to the party‚ copies of all the receipts pertaining to the party and a clearance that none but one of the donors do work for the department.

She also claimed to have investigated the issue and believes that Madikizela has done nothing wrong.

When asked to provide the information‚ Zille refused to do so‚ citing legal advice.

“This was a private party‚ and there would have to be exceptional circumstances for me to release information about it to the media.

“Those exceptional circumstances would exist if there was any wrongdoing — such as‚ for example‚ sponsorship having been sought and acquired from contractors to the Department of Human Settlements‚” claimed Zille.

“The possibility that this may have happened gave rise to my investigation. I looked at the issue in depth‚ and according to all the information I gathered‚

“I have come to the conclusion that there was no wrongdoing in this matter. It therefore is not a matter of public interest‚ as it otherwise would have been‚” claimed Zille.

ANC MPL Cameron Dugmore‚ who laid the complaint‚ said he was being swamped with information by whistleblowers in the Western Cape government‚ and that he was providing all information to assist in the investigation by the public protector.

Source: Sunday World


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