Zahara says she is happy with her 23 year-old boyfriend.


They say age is nothing but a number, this has proven to be true for 28 year old award winning artist, Zahara. The superstar has shared for the first time that her boyfriend is younger than her, there is a five year gap between them.

The love stuck Zahara revealed to Drum magazine that although she was shocked when her new boyfriend told her he was only 23-years-old‚ it did not deter her from loving him as he was “very mature“.

“I was actually shocked to find out that he’s 23. The age difference doesn’t change anything — Ian is very mature and he respects me so much‚” she said.

We recently ran a story where  Zahara had confirmed that she now has a new man in her life, by the name of Ian Sihle. She was then not ready to share too much information about their relationship, but she said he makes her very happy.

“We make each other happy and that’s all that matters right now,” she says.

Zahara and Ian have been dating for almost eight months.

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