Young DLC Debuts in Botswana


SA based Zimbabwean born Electronic Dance Music producer and DJ, Young DLC keeps breaking boundaries. The 20 year-old’s latest single, Desert Flower has debuted on Yarona FM, Botswana’s most popular youth radio station.

Born Darling Chikwewo in Harare Zimbabwe, the 20-Year-old Zimbabwean producer is a student at Campus of Performing Arts, in Pretoria, where he is doing a Diploma in Music Production. Young DLC was chosen as one of the producers on Coke Studio South Africa in 2016.  In 2015 Young DLC was a semi-finalist at the Rage Reload DJ Competition.

In Zimbabwe, Young DLC has worked on the popular Tytan and Ammara’s Mukoko Remix, which spent a couple of weeks on the charts. Last year, the young and energetic music producer had his single published worldwide through a Netherlands based Record Label.

Speaking to Mzansi Fresh, the fast raising young producer/DJ/artist says he is humbled by the way his music is being received in listening sessions and has promised music lovers good music in 2017.

His manager, Tendai Joe says the young man has a few exciting projects he is working on, with some already complete and ready for consumption. South African music lovers can expect to hear more of Young DLC African-sounds inspired Electronic Dance Music on their favorite radio stations from end of March 2017.

Young DLC has been making music since he was 8 years old. His father, Lazarus Chikwewo owns a studio in Harare, and  he is also a seasoned producer and gospel artist. Darlington learnt most of his skills from his dad and has his exceptional production, mixing and mastering skills being sought after by many established and respected producers across the continent.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Young_DLC

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/youngdlcZW/


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