Yizo Yizo’s Gunman ‘fathered 24 kids’


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According to tabloid Sunday World, the widow of the late Jabu “Gunman” Khumalo has been left quite distraught by revelations that her husband fathered as many as two-dozen children.

Fourteen youngsters introduced as his progeny reportedly took to the stage at his memorial service last week, and another 10 were introduced during his funeral service in Soweto.

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Cynthia Khumalo had apparently only known about four other children, who he had apparently admitted were his only once during their 10-year customary marriage, on a trip to the doctor.

                       Jabu “Gunman” Khumalo’s suicide note

Cynthia said she felt “disrespected” because several of the children had been younger than 10.

She was still able to laugh about it, however, despite feeling betrayed by Gunman and his family.

“I was going to be the mother of the nation,” she joked.

One of her husband’s closest friends apparently later admitted there were indeed as many as 24 offspring.

Sunday World had earlier reported that Gunman became so depressed after one of his side chicks passed away last year that he couldn’t bear to live without her.

A source said he had been so madly in love with her that he simply wasn’t the same after her death. He believed this was the reason Gunman took his own life.

Cynthia had confirmed to the tabloid Gunman had suffered from depression and, because he could not afford to fix his two broken-down cars, and thus could not attend auditions, this further exacerbated his mental disorder.

On the day of his death, he woke up as usual, opened the gate for Cynthia to go to work and, when she returned in the evening, she found a suicide note saying ‘sorry’ and Gunman hanging from the burglar bars in their room.

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