Each episode, guests ranging from celebrities to sports stars and politicians will discuss various topics with Morake, while in the #WTFTUMI lounge, bar or jacuzzi. They’ll take part in different impromptu games that will reveal little-known facts about them.

For example, the show might involve asking celebrity guest’s to explain three things; such as three items from their handbag or their three latest Twitter direct messages. Morake could also give the celebrity guest the opportunity to respond to as many social media messages – hateful or loving – in 60 seconds.

#WTFTUMI will also see Morake engaging with the studio audience and share a bit of banter with her barman. Each episode will end with a performance, either by a music artist or comedian.

“I am always excited to try something new. This show is raw and unapologetic, especially since it is a late night slot, I can afford to be naughty because the kids have already gone off to bed,” says Morake.

Head of unscripted productions at Urban Brew Studios, Adelaide Joshua-Hill, adds, “We are looking forward to venturing into this new project with Tumi. There are so many creative things planned and we just can’t wait to share them with the viewers. All we can say is #WTF.”

The show’s name, #WTFTUMI, will see a play on the acronym ‘WTF’. The ‘WTF’ acronym will lend itself to mean something different in each episode, from ‘Why The Fuss’ to ‘Where’s The Friday’.