Women who have been in Nico Matlala’s life.


Is Nico Matlala just playing with women? He has been in the tabloids for his relationships with some of SA’s top celebrities. None of that attracted public attention like his recent shenanigans or should we say promotion to “Tabloid poster boy”?
Here are some women who have been associated with the Limpopo Charmer?

The construction mogul has apparently created a yet to be verified Facebook page and he can’t stop declaring his new girlfriend.

Nico posted this statement:

So, I see I have been trending on social media lately and everyone is making a big out of the fact that Lebo and I are together now.

What is wrong when two souls come together to share their love with each other? Come on people, don’t act as if it’s the first time you see someone gets hit with a corobrick.

Shaun Stylist my brother I didn’t mean to do you dirty, I just found love in the woman you had and I wanted her for myself. If she really loved you, she wouldn’t have left. Unfortunately she found better.

I do apologize though for breaking the AndiHang empire, I hope you find someone who will make you happy going forward. Lebo is mine now and she has met her new family.

Advice: Don’t focus only on matching outfits this time, it goes beyond that my brother.

No hard feelings, I’m from Polokwane.

Who else is on the waiting list?

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