Women Kidnapped And Raped After Boarding A Taxi


WHAT was supposed to be an ordinary taxi ride ended up being a hellish experience for two women.

Now police in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape are hunting five men who raped and kidnapped the two women, aged 22 and 23, last week!

One of the women told Daily Sun she got into a Toyota Quantum at about 12pm on Thursday, but it soon changed direction and sped towards a forest in Bambisani Village.

She said she noticed another woman was lying in the back seat and was being pinned down by two men.They then grabbed her and made her lie down as well.

“They pointed guns at us and when we reached the forest, they dragged us into an old rondavel and tied us up. They stuffed plastic and cotton into our mouths and took turns raping us.”

“It was like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. It still tears me apart to think about it.”

She said they were kept in the rondavel without food or water until two other men arrived on Saturday, untied them and told them to run for their lives.

“We ran in different directions and I’m worried about the other girl, who didn’t report the matter to the police.

“It must be hard for her to deal with this by herself.”

Police spokesman Captain Mduduzi Godlwana said the cops had collected evidence but still needed the community’s help to trace the suspects.

He said if the culprits were not caught, more women could be attacked.

“We need anyone who has information to inform the police. Although it’s not a daily thing, gang rape happens often in Lusikisiki.”

Source: Daily Sun


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