What drives women to commit crime?


What drives a woman to commit crime? Why are more women than ever before being incarcerated? There are many preconceptions around women in prison, but their stories are rarely exposed to the outside world.

JODIE MARSH GETS LOCKED UP is the latest series to premiere on TLC Entertainment (DStv 135), and follows British media personality Jodie Marsh as she goes behind the walls of the Dallas County Jail – one of the largest in the US – for 72 hours.

Under the watchful eye of her guard and guide, Officer Freeman, Jodie is given no-holds-barred access as she interacts with the women who call the prison ‘home’ in an attempt to understand their plight. Her fascination with crime soon turns to concern as she questions if more should be done to improve the situations of these women before incarceration becomes the only option.

She meets women forced to give birth whilst in jail who have to endure the emotional fallout of having their babies taken from them after only 48 hours of limited contact. She also witnesses rare moments of joy and sisterhood that keep the women afloat whilst behind bars.

Watch as Jodie’s own stereotypes are challenged in her quest to discover what makes women turn to crime and why female prison numbers are growing from Wednesday, 26 July at 21:50.

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