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Welcome to Geekdom 2017


Welcome To Geekdom Day – An epic introduction to geeky hobbies

Sandton, Gauteng – At Central City Comics we want everyone to feel welcome and to get to enjoy the Geeky hobbies we love. That’s why we are starting our Welcome to Geekdom Day. A day where people from all walks of life and different Fandoms, whether they are people who love the superhero movies, geek fence-sitters or full blown fans, can come and try out different hobbies.

The Welcome to Geekdom day is welcome to anyone and everyone. The day will be filled with various geek activities and discussions for you to join in or watch. The activities and chats will be run by amazing people who are big geeks in their respective activities and the speakers range from Sean Izaakse, a Marvel Comic Book Artist to Central City’s own staff getting involved. More info around each activity will be released closer to the date on the Facebook event link, here:

When: 29th July 2017

Where: Unit 6, Sandton Commercial Village, Cnr 7th & Marlboro Dr Sandton

Time:  10am – 2pm although some of the activities need to be pre-booked for.

The event is Free to attend with only one Golden RULE:

No judgement, this day is for people who want to learn, discuss and enjoy new hobbies or get fresh insight into old ones. Be EPIC #CCHeroes not villains.

Why are we doing this?

Central City Comics was the dream of two guys who loved their comics, movies, toys, gadgets, zombies, sci-fi epics, costumes and general geekery. It was either become superheroes or open a comics and pop culture superstore. They went with the latter, but they knew that getting into some of the geek spheres can be difficult.

‘I know what it’s like to walk into a store and feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable when I wanted to look at and ask for advice on comics and someone would say there was no point getting into reading Super-man comics if I hadn’t read all 300 comics that come out before it. We don’t want our hobbies and community to be diminished because people feel they can’t begin without being judged for not having been a geek all their lives or for not having read/played or watched every version of the Fandom’ says Lee Herrmann, co-owner of Central City Comics.

Activities/ Discussions:

Welcome to Board games – Enjoy tables of demo games or bring your own if you would like to share your favourite with some new geeks. Central City’s sidekicks will be there to help by showing you how to play, rules queries or to be impartial judges when victory points are tied.

Welcome to Comics – Casual Chats around what makes comics awesome and how to start reading, drawing or writing them. Run by Sean Izaakse, Marvel Artist and Nas Hoosen,one of the founders of SECTOR, a South African comics anthology.

Welcome to Cosplay – A demo/discussion around Costume Play aka dressing up as your favorite characters from games,comics, movies and more… basically any character you love and would like to bring to life. Run By Samantha Claire Marais aka Sam Secrets Cosplay

Welcome to TableTop Roleplaying – Dungeons and Dragons adventures. There will be one every hour, first one starts at 10:15 am. Don’t worry it is the same adventure so you can do this adventure and then go explore other Geeky hobbies after! Embark on a quest of might, magic, mystery and hilarity… Play as Goblins who have one Job…To save the GOLD! Run by Carla Harris,GM of the Dum Dum Die Podcast and Marketing Goblin for How to be a Great Game Master.

Welcome to Live Action Roleplaying – Bring your roleplaying characters to life in this live action boffer larp. This means you would get to portray a character in real life (don’t worry we will give you a fun one for the adventure) and hit people with spell packets, pool noodle swords and convince townsfolk of your right as an adventurer to be rewarded with Gold. Run by the amazing LARP, Tales of Teana, go on adventures with Orcs, Undead and use your investigative skills. There will be one every hour, first one starts at 10:15 am.

‘Being a fan doesn’t mean you were there from the beginning, it means being there until the end.’ – Anonymous

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