Watch: Unathi Msengana shares how she lost weight


Idols SA judge Unathi Msengana to share their journeys of weight-loss and how you can have that perfect just in time for summer.

Unathi has lost more than 30kgs and she was on Real Talk with Anele to share how she did it.

“People used to tell me I am fat”-Unathi.

When I got a job, I was told,”You have to lose 15kgs and you have to wear a weave”

“I had kids. First one I gained 25kgs and second one I gained 28kgs. And its is hard to lose the second time. There was no social media with baby number one and there was social media when I got baby number two”

“Opinions of people who are hurt, who wanna hurt others.”

“You are as fat as as a stuffed fat cook”

Anele agrees that there are people who want to purposely hurt you,”The toxic ones”

“Rock bottom for me was when I was 2 digits away from 100kgs. Not the rude social media comments. Not the women who throw themselves at your man”-Unathi shared with Anele.

She had to drink water Monday to Thursday. Change the type of bread she ate. She said she had to consume gluten free bread. She says the best food is to eat,”What is closest to the most natural form. e.g Natural grain, natural meat”

Anele says she felt she wanted to have der dream body. She wanted to regain her confidence and feel sexy again. She wanted to be herself again.

In the video, Anele brings in fitness experts, the man behind Cassper Nyovest’s body transformation.

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