Video: Tsekeleke’s coffin was too heavy to lower into the grave


Twenty men, with a step ladder in tow, were called to help get Tsekeleke’s coffin inside the grave, but even then, the struggle continued.

Fatty Boom Boom hit-maker Anthony ‘Tsekeleke’ Motaung passed away two weeks ago after complications relating to diabetes.

Tsekeleke was put to rest on Saturday at Mooifontein Heroes’ Acre cemetery in Tembisa.

Some of the men had to get inside the grave to support the coffin, while the rest stood outside the grave to make sure it would not fall through. After struggling to get the coffin inside the grave, the Kwaito legend was finally laid to rest.


As seen in the video by the Daily Sun, the casket-lowering equipment could not carry the weight of his coffin into the grave. It took the help of about 20 men to get the coffin inside the grave, but they also struggled because Tsekeleke’s body was too heavy to carry.

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