The One Show has chosen to partner with Vega, whose teaching philosophy ensures that students are equipped to make meaningful contributions to organisations and also runs ‘Trailblazer’ sessions on a regular basis, encouraging alumni to suggest and get involved in community development initiatives.

“The popularity of the creative short courses and other qualifications available to study at Vega demonstrates that the youth are interested in taking their creative skills and natural talents to the next level, and using these to pursue successful careers in various fields,” says Dr Carla Enslin, the academic head of Vega, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education.

“There has been a lag in laying the groundwork for the level of inclusivity needed in South Africa’s creative industry, and this has limited our ability to create work that resonates with different target markets as effectively as it could,” adds Dyeshana.

Dyeshana helped introduce the One Show Diversity Programme in South Africa, which allows students to take part in four-day intensive ‘creative bootcamps’. Participants learn about creative processes in advertising and how to create and present a campaign for a real client.

“The One Club Diversity Bootcamp gives young, underprivileged students the opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like to work in advertising and to solve a real client brief. It also gives them intimate access to the best creative individuals from abroad and locally who not only look like them but come from very similar backgrounds to them too.”

“When I was starting out in my career, there were zero diversity programmes – at least none that I knew of,” says Smith. “The One Club’s Creative Boot Camps, along with its other diversity programmes such as ‘Where Are All the Black People?’ are revolutionary and important for injecting cultural intelligence and talent into an industry whose clients sorely need fresh, ground-breaking ideas.”

Inclusion and diversity manager at The One Club, Stefanie Smith, says that ‘the boot camps not only allow students to sharpen their creative skills, but also provide a platform for them to showcase their talents and ideas’.

“Each student has their own unique story about how they came to pursue a career as a creative and the path that brought them to our bootcamp. Many face what seem like insurmountable obstacles in getting there, but we are always so impressed by their dedication to becoming creative professionals,” adds Smith. “We understand the challenges they face and what hurdles it takes to come to day-long bootcamps for four days, yet they still come in happy, eager, and ready to work.”

The One Show, an annual awards ceremony that takes place in countries across the world to celebrate creative work on a global scale, allows students to gain insight into creative industries. The event aims to provide the next generation of designers, developers, and advertisers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional community.

“The future – as is always the case – hinges on the next generation, and the next generation needs to reflect the real world. The One Club is heaven bent on developing talent for the ad industry so that agencies can view the world with real and honest augmented reality glasses,” concludes Smith.