Van Coke Kartel bids farewell with final shows


After the huge success of The Jägermeister Presents: The Final Tour to Pretoria, Johannesburg and Potchefstroom, Van Coke Kartel will play their final shows ever in Stellenbosch on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 at Aandklas, and Cape Town on Friday, 28 July 2017, with tickets sold-out at Mercury Live.

Image by Jaco S. Venter

‘’It has been insane! We never expected for the shows to be this well attended. People really came out to support and show their love for the band. Although every evening ended on a high note, there was also a sadness in the air. Seeing people this amped for the band, does make the swansong on Friday evening difficult, but we will channel this positive energy into the future projects,’’ said Wynand Myburgh, bassist and manager of the band.

Although there will be no new music and no more live performances, the band has decided to setup an online merchandise store that will be selling Van Coke Kartel novelty merchandise.

‘’The merchandise that we produced for the tour were sold out before the end of the third show. Since our return from the first leg, fans have been asking us where they can get shirts, CD’s, posters, etc. We decided that it will be a good idea to have these things available from an online store,’’ said Jedd Kossew, guitar player for Van Coke Kartel.


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