V-Entertainment takes a break


There’s something new and exciting cooking in the V-Entertainment kitchen! After over 2000 episodes and almost six years on our screens, V-Entertainment, the celebrity news and variety show, will be going on a break from 30 June.

Mnet has reassured fans of the show not to despair though, sa they claim that the changes coming in August will reflect Mnet’s aim of being at the forefront of innovative entertainment, “by constantly improving and reinventing our content,” said Reneilwe Sema, M-Net’s Director of Local Entertainment Channels.

V-Entertainment broke boundaries and introduced audiences to fresh new talent – from the artists uncovered, to our very own presenters who set the bar every day. Entertainment culture is always evolving, and we must change right along with it,” added Sema.

Look out for a one-hour V-Entertainment special this Friday, 30 June at 18:00 on VUZU (Channel 116) and VUZU AMP (Channel 103).

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