Uyanda Its On Returns With Season 2


This season shows Uyanda Mbuli’s growth in the TV Production space, giving audiences a glimpse into her life as the Executive Producer of the show. Consistent to her travel diaries approach, audiences will get an exclusive peek into what Uyanda Mbuli got up to while jet-setting in Dubai, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris and back to Johannesburg.  Uyanda It’s On will be returning to SABC 3, from Friday, 6th October 2017 at 22h00.


With this Season scheduled on Friday nights, Uyanda Mbuli will watch the show with audiences at different venues across South Africa, as she hosts 13 live viewing sessions over the entire Season, scheduled from October to December.

Uyanda It’s On Season 2 is a 13-part late night Reality TV show and we will witness Uyanda visiting different cities across the country, inviting audiences to share in the fun of watching the show live alongside the TV Personality and Entrepreneur herself. This will allow her to engage with audiences and bring her closer to the supporters of the show.

The first viewing session will kick off with an exclusive VIP Launch at L’Opulence Lounge, Mandela Square in Sandton on the 6th October the TX date on SABC 3. Though the show will be live at 22h00pm, live audiences will get a full exclusive sneak peek at the venue before it goes live on SABC 3. Audiences who are not present at the live shows due to location will be able to engage with her through her twitter and facebook live posts under the hashtag #uyandaitson.

Uyanda It’s On is the life of a South African dreamer who lives out of her suitcase and it’s based on real-time. The show is not scripted; it is a true reality show. Everything that happens on the show is real and not rehearsed. I’m excited for the first time; I will have the opportunity to be closer to my audiences by engaging with them directly. It’s impossible for one to truly inspire people from a distance and that’s the main reason I’m bringing myself closer to the people. This being late night television it allows me that opportunity to mingle; party and dine with my amazing audiences every Friday night,” says Uyanda.

Over the course of the 13 episodes, Uyanda moves between different Fashion Capitals around the world, taking audiences on that journey, exposing them to the cities she visits and giving them an inside scoop into her world.

Uyanda’s globetrotting lifestyle, is also premised on educating, informing and broadening the horizons of local audiences who will live this aspect out through her real-life experiences.

In this Season, you get to see how Uyanda’s mentee and protégé Tshepo Matlou has grown into his own and holds a bigger responsibility within the production as a Producer of Season 2, Uyanda It’s On. Tshepo, gets to travel on his own to various destinations head of Uyanda’s arrival taking on more responsibilities than he did in in the first season.


This season delves deeper into Uyanda and her friend’s personal lives. You get to see them fall in love and breakup on the show. You also get to see the business connects between Uyanda and them. You also get to see the dimensions of Uyanda’s personality along with her successes and failures, triumphs and blunders allowing the audience to grow as she grows, laugh as she laughs, cry as she cries and weave their dreams out of her experiences as she truly makes the world her oyster.

If you want to watch Uyanda’s fast-paced, jet-setting lifestyle then tune into Uyanda It’s On every Friday, 6th October 2017 at 22h00, on SABC 3 “The Stage Is Yours”.

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