Updates on the Phindile Gwala & Jessica Nkosi money video


Jessica Nkosi has been left quite upset after the release of a trending video which caused many wild reactions on social networks, with #Blacktwitter stopping short of calling her a blessee.

According to Sunday Sun, here’s what we’ve come to learn about the lunch that took place between the two TV starsand the money flashing man.

  • The man in the video apparently goes by the name of King, however, others refer to him as Lawrence a man who is known for flashing money on social media and is well known in many clubs in South Africa. King is said to live in Sandton and is alleged a known member of “The Rich Gang.”, previously let by late Ivan Semwanga
  • According to the tabloid, apparently it is not the first time Jessica & Phindile have been seen with the man and when with him he turns into “Blesser” mode.
  • It’s also reported that the man has been pursuing Jessica(Who is single according to her claims) for quite some time and has allegedly attempted to lure her with gifts, hoping to win her heart.

However, according to Jessica’s publicist, the actress does not associate herself with such company – “Jessica was an innocent bystander. She was meeting a friend for lunch. What transpired left Jessica upset, this is not the company she’s used to keeping nor the environment she wishes to associate with her personal brand.” Said her publicist.


Phindile Gwala: The Story about the money video with a fidelity bag

Well, in Jozi circles, this is what they call a messss! 


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