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Tune in for Minnie’s Becoming Mrs Jones on Friday, October 13th at 19:30


Minnie Dlamini is giving VUZU AMP viewers a rare glimpse inside her life as she journeys into marital bliss. While the 27-year-old media personality often keeps the most intimate aspects of her life away from the public sphere, she has decided to allow fans to come with her during the most important days of her life – her wedding. On Becoming Mrs Jones, a three-part wedding Special premiering on October 13th at 19:30, our viewers will get to watch everything that went down as Minnie and Quinton Jones prepared to walk down the aisle. Here’s what we can’t wait to see!


Well, of course… are you kidding? It’s every woman’s dream to have the privilege of being able to have a wedding one day, and the dress is often central to this aspirational fantasy. It’s the ultimate dream – you are getting married to the love of your life, your family and loved ones are all gathered in one place to witness the two of you choose to spend the rest of your lives together. All of that is happening with the bride clad in their fairytale dress.


And as with all big life events, a climax that ties the whole journey into one, meaningful and epic moment will go on to be cherished forever. We can’t wait to watch the moment the item made their vows. Were there tears of joy, or just smiles of absolute joy?


We’ve seen bits of the set up on snaps celebrities who attended posted, but we are keen to see how the whole wedding actually looked like. Knowing that Minnie is not exactly known for doing things in halves makes us unable to contain our excitement.


Some people believe that a couple’s collective personality determines the mood of their wedding. While pondering on the thought is beyond the scope of this article, we know for sure that this wedding Special will document the purest moments from the wedding. The music, the theme, location, guests, food, decor, and more, are all elements that come together to create a distinct feeling that cannot be missed.


She’s loved by millions of South Africans and having grown up in front of our eyes, it’s everyone’s wish to watch her moving on to the next chapter of her life… in HD!

Tune in for Becoming Mrs Jones on Friday, October 13th at 19:30 on VUZU AMP 103. See you then!


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