TRESOR provides the soundtrack for Mugg & Bean’s new advert.


TRESOR has collaborated with Mugg & Bean by featuring TRESOR’s latest soundtrack titled The Woods for its new Generous Sharing TVC.

TRESOR’s collaboration with Mugg and Bean comes shortly after he released his second album titled Beautiful Madness.

The soundtrack to the Generous Sharing TVC is centred on sharing and generosity. The Woods by Majozi and written and sung by TRESOR is an appropriate soundtrack selection for this TVC.

“It is extremely exciting to see a client like Mugg & Beans rely on the songwriting skills and voice of TRESOR for their advert. It is a beautiful advert with a great song,” says Raphael Benza, director at Vth Season.

The Woods can be found on Majozi’s latest debut album in stores and all major digital platforms.


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