treadFEST 2017 presents 5 stages with a mix of music genres


This is the event you and your friends need to check out! treadFEST 2017 presents 5 stages with a mix of music genres: Sketchy Bongo, Francois van Coke and Monark are just three among a host of bands and DJs in the pipeline.

Durban based record producer Sketchy Bongo (aka Yuvir Pillay) is instantly recognizable by the signature ski mask, in which he performs. He opened for Justin Bieber, with crowds of 60 to 70 thousand, so he certainly knows how to get the crowd going. His genres cover hip hop, pop and house. Together with his friend Aewon Wolf, Sketchy Bongo started the Wolf Pack, which consists of a select group of producers, artists, graphic designers, rappers and kwaito artists who have come together with a similar vision.

One of treadFEST’s main features, is the area in which its set. In the heart of the Drakensberg, surrounded by mountains and trees. The moment you arrive you will be swept away by the beautiful scenery and the fresh air.

treadFEST want you to absorb the beauty around the camp, and have specially created activities that allow you to connect with nature in the best possible way. With over 350 hectares to walk, you will fully explore the natural wonders around you. If you long for adventure and stunning views, then you will love the hike up to the Tugela Falls. The hike is led by experienced hikers who know the area, and the best places to stop and take the photos that will make your friends and family jealous. treadFEST has also prioritized keeping the festival eco-friendly. This means that when you’ve
finished your hike or walk, there will be nothing left behind but your footprints andmemories you’ve created. So, don’t miss out on a chance to immerse yourself in the incredible nature that the Drakensberg has to offer.

In addition to great music, treadFEST activities range from hiking and cycling to sunrise yoga; from outdoor movies to Battle of the Bands to War of the Words.

Booking is through the website:

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