We hope to get them in front of as many artists, manager, directors and other industry people as possible. Our goal in coming to Nigeria is to be part of the industry and to enjoy and celebrate Hip Hop and R&B Music that we love. In addition, we do play what the largest number of viewers like and enjoy and we aim to please our viewers. By the fact that this is a TV Channel, this means that by default, we promote artists and have a lot of interest from artists in us promoting their creations.

Let us help clarify the guidelines one after the other.

Number of Videos: We cannot possibly play all the videos that are submitted, we receive several hundred videos a month and add anywhere from 20-40 or thereabouts. We are exploring ways to play more of the videos we receive, including creating a show that is dedicated to playing videos from African artists both big and popular and up and comers. We will soon also launch the new TRACE website where we hope artists will post their videos and those with the most votes will get an advantage on being added to the playlist.

Royalties: The reason that royalties are not addressed here is this is a guideline to artists about submitting their videos. TRACE pays a large percentage of revenues to collection societies across the globe and we are currently negotiating with COSON.

As for each point in the guidelines, please read below.

  1. We have close relationships with many artists across the globe, as stated, IT IS NOT a requirement that artists get in touch with us prior to producing their video. This is more of an offer to productions and will increase chance of play on TV stations, not just TRACE. Please re-read the requirement.
  2. We are simply saying that cutting and pasting the sex and flashy cars method is not a sure way to success, we are encouraging artists to be creative.
  3. We hope this is self explanatory.
  4. The reason we request videos in HD format is that we broadcast in many regions of the world in HD and if your video is accepted for play we want to be able to play it to as many viewers as possible across the globe. Currently DSTV does not broadcast in HD but plans are in place. That said, videos professionally shot on the formats listed can be high quality and can be accepted for play. Sorry about the mistake 16mm NOT 15mm. We also request videos in soft copy because it is easier and cheaper for both TRACE and the production but that said, we do take videos on DV tape and other formats because we want to fit into what people are currently doing.
  5. Clean, crisp visuals is what we are talking about… nothing above says you MUST shoot on this or that, it simply suggests, please read again.
  6. Same thing with the three previous points.
  1. Song titles and artists names etc. are discouraged but you can see many videos on the channel with director, producer, record label and artist credits. We will amend the statement to read that we suggest.
  2. We prefer videos without product placement, more than likely a video with obvious and “too much” product placements will be rejected by viewers and TRACE alike.
  3. Violence, please let’s not get into this one too much
  4. We do not conclusively exclude videos with swearing but it is not encouraged, many kids watch the channel, especially during the day.
  5. We think this is safe to say that nobody will argue this point.

In addition to the above there are numerous other factors that determine accepting a video. First, it is done by committee and we keep in mind what our viewers will want to watch although we cannot please everybody. Recently, we do play classics and legends in certain segments but we focus more on new songs. Popularity, we tend to play what is popular and has been hyped by the artist and their team. Creative, we like creativity and like the fact that videos have evolved in Nigeria and elsewhere, including abroad. Cool, it’s got to be cool. Balance, we try and spread the play, we generally don’t play all of an artists videos all the time, although we are currently playing a lot of Chris Brown but if you remember a few months ago, there was tons of Lil’ Wayne.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Over the coming weeks, we will re-draft the guidelines to make things clearer. Our goal is to be fair and honest in all of our dealings. There is no question that a major global artist’s video will get more flexibility when we determine whether to play it but we decline to play many videos.


We hope this is helpful and we look forward to receiving videos.