Tito Mboweni to Cassper Nyovest: You owe me a lot of money!!


What a clever way to fundraise. And for a good cause for that matter! Tito Mboweni might not need a cent from Cassper but he has publicly challenged him to do somethings for charity! Here is the post from Mr OG Sha Sha

Cassper Nyovest: You owe me a lot of money!!

As I retire for the night, I need to tell you this story. I went to a shop in Parktown North, Johannesburg, to buy some household goods. Two elderly looking women (pretty), when they recognized me, kept on singing: Tito Mboweni Sha! Sha! Sha!. I told them to stop but they kept on Tito Mboweni Sha! Sha! I gave up…

Well, Sha! Sha! then.

Donate some Sha! Sha! To the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital young man!!! I am Chairman of the Fundrsing Committee.

Cassper, do you Hera me? Do you hear the People?

We hope Cassper will do the right thing and also invite his fellow rappers to support different charities.

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