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Tinyiko Klouthing (TK)  the brand recently launched its collection for Spring/Summer 2017. The collection is a mixture of urban and semi formal wear that caters to women  of all shapes and sizes. With a men’s collection in the pipe line TK also caters to men who will love the selection of unisex bomber jackets available in our range. TK believes this mix in  collections reflects the way men  and  women dress today. A TK wearer is casual but dressy who is serious but enjoys life. The appeal of TK is that it moves in the opposite direction of traditional fashion trends and and gives its wearer a feeling of individuality.

Part of the TK collection is inspired by conservative fashion with midi length flared and pencil skirts along with 80’s feel off the shoulder jumpsuits with side pockets in modernized forest print. Considering the season TK offers a variety of crop tops with subtle detailing paired with summery shorts.

As part of the collections main pieces TK proves true to its urban style DNA with their unique one of a kind bomber jackets. Its upholstery inspired unisex bomber is informed by oversized proportions, paired with a matching back pack. Corduroy is no longer seen as the poor men’s fabric  as TK introduces a variety of bold colored corduroy bomber jackets, skirts and backpacks making us corduroy appreciators. Stylish velvet bombers feel good on the skin with its light and comfortable fabric.

All items are created in-house so only small quantities of each piece is made to guarantee exclusivity. This also means we are able to offer these great pieces at an affordable price.

For more information:
Cell: +27710231109

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