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Three Fake Doctors Arrested in Ekurhuleni by traffic anti-corruption unit


The National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit has arrested three bogus doctors during a raid on their Ekurhuleni premises where they issued medical certificates to unfit drivers wantingto apply for professional driver’s permits.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said in a statement on Friday that the unit was assisted by the Health Professions Council of South Africa‚ the Medicines Control Council‚ Medscheme and the Hawks.

The fourth person arrested is the doctor whose practice number was used to conduct the alleged fraudulent business.

They face charges of impersonating a doctor and practising medicine unlawfully.

The RTMC said investigations showed that the bogus doctors generated up to R8 000 a day by issuing the medical certificates‚ allegedly without subjecting drivers to a medical examination.

A medically unfit driver includes one with poor eye sight or uncontrolled diabetes.

The RTMC said a high number of accidents on South Africa’s roads can be attributed to people unfit to drive.

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