Catch The Gqom Wave documentary on TRACE Africa on Friday, 24 November


The Gqom Wave documentary is finally ready to be shared with the world and TRACE is proud to be announced as the official media partner, alongside Blaqboy Music and SONY Music Entertainment South Africa.

Premiering exclusively on TRACE Africa this Friday, 24 November and on TRACE Urban on Friday, 1 December, this documentary promises to offer viewers a deeper look into the global sensation that is Gqom music. From the question of the movement’s origins to the various sub-genres within the Gqom sphere, the star-studded special takes us through what most South Africans have dubbed Mzansi’s own authentic export to the international music community.

Led by DJ Maphorisa, whose latest album (also titled Gqom Wave) features various major and developing artists and producers who have contributed to the ever-evolving sound and direction of this genre, Gqom Wave is an ode to all the young “bedroom deejays” who gave birth to a genre the likes of DJ Tira, Okmalumkoolkat, Busiswa and Distruction Boyz have taken note of and owned with pride.

Catch this special exclusively on TRACE Africa on Friday, 24 November at 21:00, Saturday, 25 November at 16:00, Sunday, 26 November at 20:00, Saturday, 30 December at 16:00 and on Sunday, 31 December at 20:00. You can also watch it on TRACE Urban on Friday, 1 December at 19:00.


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