The Glenlivet sets standard with new TV commercial


Top-selling global single malt brand, The Glenlivet has launched an intuitive local advertising campaign to reinforce The Glenlivet’s standing as the original single malt that sets the global standard in taste and quality
The Glenlivet sets standard with new TV commercial
The campaign is spearheaded by a television commercial titled ‘Neighbourhood’ that communicates a single-minded message in a way that resonates with the viewer. It connects with the target audience – the discerning male whisky lover – because it reflects his own drive in life.

The idea with the TVC is to give consumers a strong single-minded reason to choose The Glenlivet over other single malts and premium whiskies. It accomplishes this by telling the story of a man who chooses an original path and in doing so sets the standard that others follow.

Set in downtown Johannesburg, the advert captures a familiar South African scenario, telling the story of a young man who chose to open a clothing store in a forgotten area of downtown Johannesburg, when nobody else would. As the years go by, other people see the value in his decision and follow his lead, opening their own stores and restaurants, which eventually leads to the revitalisation of the entire neighbourhood.

“With this television commercial, we tip our hats to the discerning, whisky loving man in South Africa, the individual who is cut from a finer cloth. We also pay homage to our founder George Smith, who chose an original path back in 1824, and in so doing has since set the standard in taste and quality that other single malts follow,” says The Glenlivet brand manager, Eugene Lenford.

“We know that The Glenlivet is a premium whisky range that appeals to men who set the standard in society. They are risk takers and they identify with premium brands like The Glenlivet. We are confident that we got the timing exactly right with this campaign and that the messaging will hit home,” he adds.

Executive creative director Gareth McPherson of Publicis Machine, The Glenlivet’s advertising agency, led the creative process behind this commercial.

The TV ad is flighting on both the SABC TV channels and on DStv. It is supported by an outdoor and social campaign.

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