The first annual Alex Hip Hop Festival is upon us.


The event, which takes place at the Hub in Alexandra north of Joburg on 26 August, is already the talk of the town.

Artists who are part of the line-up can’t wait to grace the stage.

The festival will be headlined by the township’s finest artists – those who put Alex on the map and are the most influential artists in the historic kasi.

Major League DJ, hip hop artist and producer Sean Pages, DJ Vigilante and DJ Hudson are part of the line-up.

DJ Hudson, whose single Alcohol and Problems featuring Khuli Chana, Mawe2 and Tellaman, said as a hip hop contributor, it was a big deal for him to be part of this event.

Hudson told the People’s Paper: “It’s an honour because I come from Alex and I have been pushing. This will motivate artists to push their brand and be out there. The culture needs more people who will put Mzansi on the map and entertain people.”

Founder and organiser of the festival, Kamogelo Pooe, said they were inspired by the talent found in Alex that never got recognised.

Kamogelo told Sunday Sun this was the first step to motivating young people who wanted to make it into the entertainment industry.

Kamogelo added: “We took artists who’d been trying to get into the industry and those who were still new in the game. We’re trying to give them the experience.

Tickets are available at Webticket for R100, and R200 for the VIP area.

Source: Daily Sun


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