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SuperSport and Studio Zoo scoop gold at major awards


SuperSport and Studio Zoo won big at the international Clio awards, walking away with a gold award at a glittering event in Los Angeles last week.

The Clio awards recognise innovation and creative excellence in advertising and are judged by an esteemed international panel.

Studio Zoo’s SuperSport promo, “Touch of French”, was awarded gold in the medium of Television/Streaming: Special Shoot Spot/Promo Sports. This was the single winning entry from South Africa.

“We are delighted and humbled,” remarked Gideon Khobane, SuperSport’s chief executive. “The competition at international level is particularly strong, so to be lauded in this fashion is a singular highlight.”

David Martin, the senior creative director at Studio Zoo, with whom SuperSport collaborated on the promo, said: “Working on the SuperSport brand is always something we look forward to at the Zoo. It’s such a massive name on the African continent, and the incredible content they broadcast allows one a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating promos. They’re also not afraid to take risks, and risks are what we as creatives live for.

“It’s often the only way to cut through the clutter and create something unique. In this instance, it was a very simple idea and execution, but simple works, and the elegance of the graphics created by the very talented artists at Sabre really turned it into something special.”

Founded in 1959 to celebrate high achievement in advertising, the Clios annually and throughout the year recognise the work, the agencies and the talent – across advertising, sport, fashion, music, entertainment, and health care – that push boundaries and establish new precedents. Time magazine has described the event as the world’s most recognisable international advertising awards.


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