#Study: South African men not sexually satisfying women


There is nothing more satisfying after sex than knowing that your woman has enjoyed the encounter as much as you did, but it seems South African men are failing in this department. According to a recent study, South African women are feeling hard done by just 15 minutes of sexual attention.

The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating site for married people looking to have an extramarital affair – peeked into the bedrooms of its 6117 female members.

They discovered that Denmark is home to the most sexually satisfied women as their husbands spend on average 44 minutes pleasuring their wives during steamy sessions.

In the United States, women enjoy a solid 41 minutes of sex per erotic encounter while the Finnish husbands dedicate 39 minutes to helping their partners climax.

The study found that South African women are the least satisfied when it comes to sex.

“It’s particularly important for women to have successful foreplay because it takes a woman a longer time [than a man] to get up to the level of arousal needed to orgasm,” says “Dr. Ruth” Westheimer, EdD, a psychosexual therapist, professor at New York University, and lecturer at Yale and Princeton universities.

Most of the time, people emphasize how much foreplay matters to women – which it does – but men’s sex lives can also benefit from putting some extra effort in before intercourse. “Foreplay helps to maintain intimacy. Physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy,” says urologist and sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer Berman. Not only is foreplay a great way to enhance sex for both you and your partner (regardless of your gender), it can also improve your relationship outside the bedroom, says Berman.

Men must realize that foreplay will enhance their sex lives greatly, as it meets the need for intimacy that their female partners desire actively. Because if she is satisfied with her sexual experience, she will usually make sure that you are satisfied as well. Men learn to give by bonding, through their own sensual experiences had during foreplay.

We hope South African men up their game!



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