Spotlight on @DOGG_DBN: An Internet powerhouse, full time cool dad and his 2017 plans.


MzansiFresh: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Dogg_Dbn_: Hi everyone. My name is Lindo Buthelezi better known as Dogg or Dogg Dbn (still find it funny when I have to call myself like this).

MzansiFresh:How did you get the name Dogg?
Dogg_Dbn: It’s actually a name I got in high school my friends gave it to me because I used to win a lot. Winning in what? That’s for another day haha.

MzansiFresh:Do you have siblings and what do they do?
Dogg_Dbn_: I have 2 brothers (from my mom’s side) Sizwe (22) at Varsity doing his final year in Engineering. Then Andile (20) Doing his first year Medicine. From my dad’s side there’s now 6 of us since my older sister passed on last year (didn’t even get a chance to meet her).

MzansiFresh: You have a cute son whom many know from the hilarious instagram videos you share. Tell us about him  and what it means to be a father?
Dogg_Dbn_: Lol I wish I could get someone else to tell you about Okuhle a.k.a Gwili (as Dj Bongz named him). He’s one handful young gentleman very funny and a sweetheart.
He’s very respectful and besides, him being my son, I like him as a person and individual which is why I’m able to love him and take care of him  effortlessly. Being a father to him has taught me patience and many other things which is why I think I’m ready for more kids 😉
MzansiFresh: You being in the entertainment and somewhat a “bad boy” as most would say, how do you balance your life, work and parenting.Dogg_Dbn_: With Love. I love my work, I love my life & I love my son & family. So I find time to make all these things work simultaneously. Plus I share a special relationship with my son because at home (my Mom’s side) all the males cannot make babies. This still confuses me because it took me just 1 attempt to score but hey that’s for another day… So being born in a family where all the males are infertile made my son a very special person to me and my family. Which is why I our bond is so strong because he’s a miracle baby, a symbol of light and the dawn of a new era.
Over the period of 5/6 years of knowing Dogg and watching his steady rise, he’s made many headlines both good and bad. Through it all he has constantly proved why he’s not your average joe and managing to consistently hold his spot in his field – despite all the negativity. From leaving Afrotainment and starting Social Creations…

To pulling off one of the biggest come backs in South Africa (with Dj Bongz) and the alleged stabbing of Big Nuz member (Danger) and in the midst of all his crazy social media daring posts still managing to run the best online campaigns. We don’t know how he wins our hearts but at the end of the day he knows how to melt us online.

Dogg is also known to be the founder of Paid-Twitter or one of the first people who made money off Twitter. He used to advertise events online long before many of your favorite socialites learned how to compose a tweet. We stand to be correct if wrong!

We zoom in on the Business side of Dogg Dbn.

MzansiFresh: So tell us about your business and how it started.

Dogg_Dbn_: I remember every bit of thing like it was yesterday!
A friend of mine from London (Zain Mola) bought me a blackberry when they first came out. From using that phone I just knew it that it would bring me closer to my dreams – of running a PR company.  Then Dj C-live (who now works for Club 808) forced me to register for Twitter and taught me how to use it, in less than a month I knew that this platform could be used for a lot more than just checking out what American celebrities do on a day-to-day basis.
I saw a new market that would boom in advertising and shift power from conventional media and directly to the people. I approached Dj Tira & explained to him my idea of expanding his music and company to a new market and growing his artist’s brands. Tira was reluctant and didn’t buy in to it. Like I expected because Tira likes things that are already moving lol he got no time to waste and I understand that!

So what did I do? I took the biggest risk of my life and opened Afrotainment Twitter account and within a few days the followers were growing so fast because of the content I shared that Tira send me a text and he was like “yoooh ntwana unomoya asiyenze lento” meaning “boy you’re good let’s work”.
To cut a long story short I became an internet force to be reckoned with until we parted ways with Afro and I started my own thing: Social Creations.
Today we offer a whole range of services in marketing and digital advertising and now we’re slowly tapping into music and artists management which has always been my first love.
MzansiFresh: How many people do you have at Social Creations?

Dogg_Dbn_: We are about 8. Khathaza & Naaps who head operations and are more into photography and video. There’s Sfiso Mfeka (a brilliant problem). Then there’s Dj Zwah (Kwakele) the lead producer and the genius behind the smash hit Impilo Ethekwini, then Dj Twitty (our superstar Dj) and Simms Oceans. Then Lindo (not me there’s another Lindo lol) and then there’s me.MzansiFresh: What’s the last advise or scolding have you ever had from the people you work with?

Dogg_Dbn_: I must stop charging people less and never to have sex in our new offices (opening in March).

MzansiFresh: You’ve been breaking the internet for the longest time through different brands and as Dogg Dbn. Why do you think people react so much in things that you’re involved in?

Dogg_Dbn_: I think it’s because I’m fearless. I risk a lot but I take risks in things that I know will work out. I think of the craziest ideas and Im willing to take a bullet so I can achieve my goals. I don’t follow rules, I do things my own way but most of it all I think I’m talented in what I do.

MzansiFresh: 5 Best projects you enjoyed working on?

1) Engineering the Dj Bongz comeback.
2) The Gwaragwara Caps marketing plan
3) The SAMAs 2016 digital campaign
4) Dj Twitty’s Impilo Ethekwini campaign
5) Designing digital strategies for many outdoor events (can’t even pick out 1 in particular)

MzansiFresh: The Impilo Ethekwini. Tell us more about that.

 Dogg_Dbn_: Impilo Ethekwini is a song that basically talks about how life is nice in Durban. We have a dope video out for it that advertises the city (Which is too bad that Durban Tourism refused to sponsor it but we still love them and we will keep doing best for our city)
And we are going to do a festival that is aimed at showing the world the real life and fun side of Durban/Ethekwini.

MzansiFresh: Your Instagram stats are insane, your SM Stats say there’s a person going through your Instagram every 2 second of the day around the clock on average. One would expect this from artists and celebrities, how do you drive such traffic to your feed and do your posts ever land you in hot water?

Dogg_Dbn_: Haha my Instagram gets me into trouble ALL THE TIME. I’m single today because of it. But honestly people are drawn to my feeds because they see Dogg Dbn as a person they can relate to. I say whatever I want and I share real life stories. Things most people are afraid of doing online. People just wanna be perfect and I can never win because Im too wild so that forces me to be myself at all times! My IG is about my life and work – being real works for me! I can’t say more because I’m going to end up releasing my blueprint *Wink*.

MzansiFresh: You have a unique and fascinating life, ever thought of having a reality show?

Dogg_Dbn_: Funny enough I’ve had someone I really respect ask me to do a reality show. Legend Manqele from Vuzu. A very brilliant young creative. But I told them I’m not for the camera hahaha I’m actually shy when it comes to those things. Which is why you would never see me in music videos or on TV. I know my place and my role and I play it well (behind the scenes).

MzansiFresh: 2017 is looking good for you what are you working on?

Releasing a remix package for Dj Twitty – Impilo Ethekwini hit single, working on a sizzling album and just continue rebranding Dj Twitty.Also working on doing Impilo Ethekwini Festival.
Dj Bongz Album
Dj Chynaman Album
And launching a weekly concept for women, which we’re going to launch month end.

I’m involved in other projects around SA but these are my main priority.

MzansiFresh: Tell us about what it means as a young Black child to run a small business

Dogg_Dbn_: It means South Africa is alive with possibilities.

Dogg is one of the few people who always speak their mind and has publicly fired shots at big institutions like Ukhozi fm (which became a huge subject of discussion online).
Many would also remember Dogg for writing that open letter to Metro fm questioning the amount of foreign music being played on our airwaves and requesting that Dj Christos be given a lifetime achievement award.

Dogg seems to be consistent, bold outspoken about his beliefs. A true man of power and confidence.
Before we let you go, I’m sure our readers and your followers would like to know the following;

MzansiFresh: Do you have someone special in your life and would Dogg ever get married?Dogg_Dbn_: No I’m single unfortunately lol but marriage with lots and lots of kids? A big Yes very soon!!!

MzansiFresh:Favorite brand?

Dogg_Dbn_: Dj Twitty
MzansiFresh: Favorite movie
Dogg_Dbn_: Pursuit of HappyNess
MzansiFresh:Favorite color?
Dogg_Dbn_: Blue
MzansiFresh: Fav Car
Dogg_Dbn_: Mercedes Benz G63
 MzansiFresh: Any opportunities for finding new talent from your hometown or city?

Dogg_Dbn_: Yes, we’ve been doing that it’s just that we’ve never found ground breaking talent but we are definitely searching.

MzansiFresh: Where can people find you for business?

Dogg_Dbn_:   Online I’m @Dogg_Dbn_
On email:
Cellphone: 083 736 1628 (Serious business ONLY)

New website should be ready in 6 weeks at

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