Southern Wild is first SA band for Deezer Live Sessions


Southern Wild has been announced as the first South African band to be filmed for the Deezer Live Sessions.
Deezer Live sessions offer fans the opportunity to see a rare acoustic performance by bands, including Southern Wild which is known for its energetic performances. The Deezer Live Sessions will present new arrangements never before seen or heard and so, for this reason, the band was filmed in a small, intimate location with a unique setup.

Southern Wild is first SA band for Deezer Live Sessions

Earlier this year, Southern Wild was selected to participate as one of four South African artists in Deezer Next, a global initiative designed to discover and promote new talent from South Africa and beyond. The band’s debut album Lead Role in a Classic Horror was released exclusively on Deezer, reaching over 300 ,00 streams on Deezer in countries such as Germany, Brazil,France and South Africa.

A three-track live EP is being released which will exclusively be available on Deezer – it is the first Deezer Live Session EP to be released in South Africa and features tracks like Darkness at My HeelsIn A Classic Horror and Time Eraser.

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