Somizi Tells Tanzanian Officials He Is A “Magosha”!




There is never a dull moment with Somgaga. The SA idols judge recently visited Zanzibar and as per procedures, he was required to fill in the Entry/Arrival declaration form, on his profession he wrote,”Magosha” which means prostitude in english! We all know he Somizi was clowing, as he never takes himself seriously, but we wonder how the officials would have reacted if they knew the meaning of the word!

Somizi announced this weekend that his book titled Dominoes will be available exclusively at Exclusive Books from Wednesday( One day to go!). Somgaga has promised that the first 50 people to Pre-order the book will get a signed copy plus a “Wuuuuu shem!”

You can Pre Order on this link: Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit – The Somizi Mhlongo Story – Signed Pre-order Edition (Paperback)

Somizi in Zanzibar. Credit Instgram/Somizi

Somizi in Zanzibar. Photo Credit Somgaga/Instagram

Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit – The Somizi Mhlongo Story – Signed Pre-order Edition (Paperback)

The story of Somizi Mhlongo is one of breaking down walls and triumphantly demolishing the hurdles and curveballs thrown his way.

Born of acting royalty, his father Ndaba “Mshefane” Mhlongo was an incomparable comedy genius and his mother Mary Twala is a revered performer who is still active in the industry to this day. Even at his poorest, Somizi was rich. His life filled with magical stardust moments. One too many times he emerged from the dark valley of sorrows only more energised and revitalised to tackle this thing called life again.

In this biography he opens up about his childhood of deprivation and how his destiny was in the arts. He became a performer at a young age and expanded his horizons as he traveled the country with his parents. The original child star, Somizi was on TV while still at school. He couldn’t escape the clutches of the stage and cameras. What awaited him was a charmed life as a Sarafina! star touring the world until tragedy struck when his father passed away and he returned home. Somizi speaks frankly about discovering his sexuality and coming to terms with it. His chutzpah and never-say-die attitude saw him look bravely in the eye of chauvinism and prejudice to change attitudes.

Immerse yourself in a story of survival and the ABCs of beating the odds. For each time he was down and out, Somizi came back stronger than before. Today he nibbles on the uppercrust of South African entertainment as a million rand empire. He is a radio personality, Idols SA judge, a much sought-after MC and a dependable face as an ambassador of several campaigns and products. But it was not always that way, until he pushed down the walls and they fell like dominoes.

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