Somizi Mhlongo owes SARS R2.5 million In Unpaid Tax


The Citizen reports that Somgaga’s home could be auctioned if reports of his tax woes are true and are not rectified in time.

According to tabloid Sunday World, popular entertainer Somizi Mhlongo is in the hole for as much as R2.5 million with the SA Revenue Service (Sars).

They report that he apparently came to the taxman’s attention in 2014 “when he flaunted his assets on social media platforms and TV”.

The celeb has been spending the week promoting his new book and told the paper that their “timing sucks”, although he did not deny his tax problems.

Sars is not allowed to reveal taxpayers’ information, so did not comment on the matter.

However, the paper says it knows about this because of an accountant who spoke to them and who is “privy to the A-lister’s tax books”.

Reportedly, Somizi was contacted on a number of occasions by tax authorities who “pleaded with him to make a full disclosure of his income and to submit all his personal tax returns”.

They reportedly had to go to court and obtained a judgment against him in the High Court in Johannesburg.

Taking into account interest, the amount he owes is now said to stand at R2.5 million, which, if not settled, could see the star lose some of his assets, including his Soweto home. Sars is likely to still do an audit of his bank statements going back five years.

Somizi recently boasted about buying a R2 million BMW i8 and that he was “shopping around” for a R6 million house.

Source: The Citizen

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