Smile 90.4FM, in partnership with 1st for Women, celebrates moms!


With Mother’s Day almost upon us, and to celebrate the occasion, Smile 90.4FM, in partnership with 1st for Women, bring you their third annual Mother’s Day event. The event will be held at Suikerbossie in Hout Bay on Saturday, 13 May 2016.
Smile 90.4FM, in partnership with 1st for Women, celebrates moms!

The “Pretty in Pink” High Tea aims to celebrate mothers and provide them with an opportunity to be spoiled in a relaxed and fun-filled environment – a one-of-a-kind experience that is guaranteed to make every mother smile.

Smile 90.4FM presenters will host five hundred guests who will be treated to champagne, a lavish buffet, delectable treats, pampering sessions and much more… while being entertained by one of the Cape’s most loved performers, Emo Adams.

“Together with our partners we are able to truly spoil attendees by treating them to great entertainment, really amazing treatments and stunning goodie bags; but more than that, we are able to give them a wonderful experience in a beautiful environment leaving them with smiles on their faces,” says Lois O’Brien, Managing Director of Smile 90.4FM.

1st for Women’s Marketing Manager, Casey Rousseau, concludes: “It’s an honour to partner with Smile 90.4FM on this special event. Moms do so much for so many and seldom put themselves first. They deserve to be celebrated for all that they are and all that they do, not just on Mother’s Day but every day of the year. This event gives us the opportunity to show all the moms just how special and appreciated they are.”

For more information about our “Pretty in Pink” High Tea, visit our website here. Tickets sales open 14 April 2017 on


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