No matter where we come from, we all hope to make a success of ourselves in life. Whether it is to become a musical sensation, or the next great soccer star, no dream is too big for someone who is determined.

THE LUCKY SPECIALS is a small-time cover band from a dusty mining town in South Africa with dreams of making it big in the music industry. The lead guitarist, Mandla, spends his days working as a miner, far from his real passion – music.

Like any dream, being a hit band in the competitive music industry comes with its own challenges, and in this case, Mandla is faced with a life-threatening disease that could potentially hinder the band’s success.   In this unique edutainment film, the storyline also addresses misconceptions about tuberculosis, and by describing the bacteria’s journey through the body, it educates and empowers communities to make informed decisions about their health.

Can Mandla and the band defy all odds and make their dream become reality?

Catch THE LUCKY SPECIALS on TLC Entertainment (DStv 135) only on Wednesday, 16 August at 20:00 to see if the band will succeed in making their dreams come true, and fight off the hardships that will come their way.

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