Slowly brewing: Mgarimbe threatens to take legal action against Dj Twitty.


It was started after Dj Twitty’s pleaded with South Africans to be allowed to do a remix of SA’s most loved jams “Sista Bethina”, the people have had all sorts of reservations, some felt the song should be left as it is, but it took the main man Mgarimbe a while to respond the plea.

Mgarimbe said “Sister Bethina” is no longer his song, it belongs to Satafrika, so South Africans had the final say.

However it seems like the Durban based hit maker is not pleased with his fellow Durbanite Dj Twitty and last night we saw an exchange of what seemed to be a very angry Mgarimbe and a mild and confused Dj Twitty.

Dj Twitty has declined to provide a comment and has told us that his manager and boss Dogg Dbn, has instructed him not to speak to the media because this can be blown out of proportion.

What do you think? Should DJ Twitty remix the song?


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