Skolopad makes public Whatsapp messages of men asking her for sex


Skolopad is surely one of the most talked about female socialites and with that comes an army of horny men lurking behind their smart phones, sending all sorts of funny messages to Skolopad, and making false promises, as others ask her to “Dance for them”.

However what they do not know is that the contact numbers they have are not handled by the socialite, but her manager, known as Tebogo.

When asked by one of the tabloids, Tebogo confirmed these reports saying: “Yes, Skolopad has been offered different forms of ‘payment’ –  in order to advance her career – in exchange for sex. These offers have not necessary come from record bosses, but people who have a lot of money.”

“The men who are asking for these favours don’t always offer money but promise to advance her career,” he said.

From being promised a leap in her career, to being asked to provide private entertainment!

Skolopad’s management has  also revealed that the Kwaito artist was apparently approached by government officials to perform at events. The socialite and Kwaito artist thought this was a sign of better times to come, but after “more than one” performance Skolopad has still not been paid, and was not assisted in any way.

Do you think Skolopad is putting herself up for this kind of exploitation or there is wrong with some people in high places?

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