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Sketchy Bongo Celebrates 2016 With Two songs on iTunes Top Songs


One of Mzansi’s  most versatile producers, Sketchy Bongo, is already a major name in the local music industry, having production credits on songs by big artists such as AKA, Ricky Rick, Locnille, JR, Da LES and Aewon Wolf.

Songs produced by Sketchy have been getting major airplay on TV and radio, as well as topping download charts. To cap it all, Sketchy Bongo made the biggest and most exciting move in his career this year, when he announced that he had  signed to Ultra Music and Sony Music in America! For those who do not understand how massive this is, Ultra-Music and Sony are two of the biggest dance labels and pop labels in the world. Is that not fresh?

Today, Sketchy took to Instagram and posted the following message:

“So I have two songs on iTunes top songs of 2016. This is based of sales and streams. The interesting thing about this is “Let You Know” was released as a FREE download independently and only later sold on iTunes independently and then later sold via a label on iTunes. We sold over 10000 units independently (Gold in South Africa) and have sold thousands more via the label. We released for free and still sold records. I firmly believe in releasing for free and having paid streams and downloads. Those that will buy and stream will buy, those that don’t will always find ways to get the track, so why not give a away the track yourself. I do the numbers, so my opinion matters. Major labels, change your ways or fall behind. Next year Aewon Wolf and myself are launching our record label. Let’s check the numbers next year. We will provide you with free music. If you want to pay, please do.”

Team #MzansiFreshest agrees with Sketchy on his approach. Making music available on different platforms allows an artist to reach more people, thereby growing their footprint.

We wish Sketchy and Aewon Wolf all the best on their Record Label establishment plans for 2017.

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