Sizo Henna launches cooking show Rustic Chakula


Sizo Henna’s cooking show, ‘Rustic Chakula’ will air on the 4 of July 2017 at 20h30 on SABC 3. As the Afrocentric, charming cosmopolitan host and the Chef of Rustic Chakula, Sizo Henna explores the modern yuppie African lifestyle through prominent African guests, art, music, destinations and cultures. All his travel experiences allow him to bring culinary creations that are rustic in taste and look.

Sizo Henna is quite easily South Africa’s well-kept secret among the rich and famous in South Africa. This young energetic Professional Chef (who studied at London’s prestigious Walthamstow Forest College) has a very simple business concept “Do a stunning job every time”. This concept has evidently worked for him because he is very well known and keeps on getting business everywhere from politicians and business people.

While travelling around the world, Sizo Henna learnt about different cultures and cuisines, from Swiss Cuisine in Geneva, to spicy hot Indian Cuisine in Mumbai, the Chunky Fish and Chips n Mushy Peas in the streets of London, to Pan Fried Foie-gras in France, to creamy Mngqusho back home in Bisho. Sizo Henna has had the privilege of working with different Chefs from different backgrounds. He learnt a lot about British Cuisine from his English Head Chef, Spanish Cuisine from his Sous Chef from Spain, to learning Caribbean cuisine from his Jamaican class mate.

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