SEVVEN drops new single ‘Speed of the Night’


Johannesburg-based musician, SEVVEN, has always been of the opinion that if you want something in life, you have to go out and get it. While an innate talent is certainly part of the equation, everything he’s achieved has been the outcome of hard work and dedication, and an indomitable will to make things happen for himself.
Fearless in his pursuit, SEVVEN has become an unshakeable force in the South African music industry, and it keeps getting better. The pop singer released his new single Speed of the Night today, and once again impresses. A more uptempo number, introducing a range of electronic elements, Speed of the Night is SEVVEN’s favourite release to date.
He says, “Out of all the songs I have finished for SEVVEN, I’ve been looking forward to releasing Speed of the Night the most. It speaks about the very reason I started SEVVEN, which is to go after the things you want most in life, and do so even if you have to do it all on your own.”
Speed of the Night is SEVVEN’s third release and will form part of his repertoire for his upcoming live shows. The entertainer has been working tirelessly at perfecting his live performance and will take to the stage later this year.

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