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Scammers sell fake phone to woman for R500 in Krugersdorp


Krugersdorp News  reports that a 27-year-old woman was scammed into buying a fake cellphone and has come forward to warn others.

On Friday, 28 July at about 3pm, Zelda Dlamini was out looking for a new phone after experiencing some problems with her dysfunctional old phone.

While she was walking down Market Street in Krugersdorp’s CBD she was approached by a man who was selling a brand-new cellphone for R600. When Zelda said she only had R500, the young man then called his associate who told her that R500 was not enough for the new phone.

Zelda then gave the new phone back and kept walking. Two minutes later, she was again approached by the man who had initially tried to sell her the new phone, telling her she could have the phone for R500.

The man (in his late 20s) then gave what turned out to be a lump of putty, in the same phone cover as the original phone he had shown her, to Zelda, who paid him for it.

The man then urged her to put her new “phone” in her bag to keep it safe.



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