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Scam Alert: New Scam for vehicles in arrears


Here is a story shared by a vehicle owner who was in arrears and almost became a fraud victim. This story has not be verified by our publication, but we deem it necessary to share, so that our readers are aware of what is happening out there:

My vehicle a/c was in arrears for about R9800 due to some personal problems I had… on the 20/06 at about 13:45, i received a call from a strange land-line number, some lady who said she’s calling from the bank threatened that if I don’t pay the full arrears by the end of business that day, they will collect the car. I begged her that I’ll pay the car the following week as it was nearing month end but she insisted that i pay on that day. At about 16:30 when I was on my way home from work, the same woman called from a private number and told me that since I had failed to pay on that day, i must hand over the car to a ‘bank-agent’ for safe keeping until I pay the full arrears.

She said the ‘agent’ was already at my gate waiting for me to hand over the car. I told her that I managed to get R7500 but will only pay the following day since the banks were closed. She said she’ll call me back after 10mins after consulting with her supervisor if the amount is ok. After 10mins she called with her cellphone and said i must hand over the car to the ‘agent’ and after paying the following day I can collect the car. She told me that i must not deposit the money in the normal a/c that i normally use to pay my a/c and gave me another a/c number to deposit into with a reason that the ‘arrears a/c’ is different from the a/c that the bank normally uses when debiting.

Warning bells started ringing that something’s didn’t make sense:
1: Why was there no correspondence from the bank regarding the arrears?
2: Why didnt the bank call me earlier to make prior arrangements for payment?
3: Why hand over the car to the ‘agent’ for me to collect it again after paying if I already made an arrangement that i’m paying the following day?
4: Why use a different a/c from the one the bank normally uses when debiting?
5: Why the lady called with different telephone numbers and even use her private cellphone?
6: Why was the agent already at my gate?
I panicked and instead of going home, i went to a friend’s place. At about 19:30 the ‘agent’ called and said he was angry that I didn’t come home since he’s been standing at my gate from 16:30 and it was getting late. He even told me that he had wasted his petrol to come to my place and had hired a driver to help him with my car. I told him that it wasn’t my fault he must speak to whoever sent him to my place without talking to me first. The lady also called from her cellphone and told me that she was very angry with me for not meeting up with the agent to hand over the car.

The following day I went to the bank and called the Vehicle-Finance dept and inquired about  the events of the previous day and they told me that the procedure for reposessing was:
1: Correspondence from the bank to make payment arrangements
2:Failure to pay on the agreed date the a/c is handed to their legal dept to deal with you and the process takes 3mnths
3: Failure to do that then they repossess the car.
4: The bank used the same account for payments, whether it’s the normal debit or arrears with a persons a/c number or ID number as reference if paying manually, they didn’t use different accounts.

I then went to the tellers to pay the R7500 I had using the normal a/c number. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I then asked the teller to verify the a/c number that the “lady” said I must use and it was a personal a/c for a Mrs Jiyane.

My car would have been taken/handed over to some crook and money deposited into some scam a/c.

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