Savanna launches new rum flavoured cider


Savanna, the South African cider, is introducing a new variant, Savanna Blackbeard, to its existing portfolio of premium variants. The premium cider is made with a splash of rum flavour, resulting in a new taste. Blackbeard is a special release and is available at leading liquor outlets nationwide.

Savanna Blackbeard has created a fable that tells the tale of a pirate crew who stumbled across the golden liquid in Barbados while ransacking a town. The pirates soon realised that the recipe for their liquid treasure had to be kept safe so that no one could ever replicate the taste.

To keep this golden elixir a secret, they never remained in one place more than a few settings of the sun. For if they did, the recipe of the golden liquid could be stolen and lost to them forever.

“This is another proud moment for the brand, as we continue to push boundaries with innovative flavour profiles. We’re excited to have our consumers experience a bold new taste sensation. Consumers know with Savanna they can expect an unexpected twist, but we always keep our original base to stay true to this iconic South African brand,” says Leanne Jones, Savanna South Africa marketing manager.

Blackbeard is infused with the flavours of rum but also with hints of raisins, spices, and fermented honey. The golden liquid has a 5% ABV. The recommended price for the premium cider is R79.95 for a (6x330ml) pack and R289.95 for a case (4x 6x330ml).

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