Held under the banner of ‘The Freedom of Funny’, the Awards will celebrate the power that humour has to break down barriers and open borders between African countries and encourage the free flow of comedy talent.

This freedom is the cornerstone of comedians’ ability to make people laugh – and to make a living. This is the freedom they have (and need) to create, to express and to poke fun at the serious and often silly side of everyday life.

“This theme was chosen after the success of last year’s theme – ‘For The Love Of Laughter’. We saw a really good reception by the South African public to a more accessible, upbeat theme. Not to say we won’t take a darker turn down the road again, but for now, while the country navigates a tough period – we felt it would be great to celebrate positive aspects of comedy again,” says Savanna CCA co-founder John Vlismas.

With its expansion into Africa, the style of the Savanna CCA’s this year will be contemporary and premium African design work, the inclusion of all previous winners in a collage that resonates unity and the strong image of a young comic hoisting Waldo aloft in a gesture redolent of Madiba – the Savanna CCA’s will use the 2017 campaign to celebrate the coming together of a family of Comedy Artists across Africa. This year with a new director, script, cast and venue, the Awards will again be an exceptional and highly entertaining event.

The 2017 Savanna CCA’s includes 11 award categories.

The categories for the 2017 Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards include:

  • The Savanna Newcomer Comic Award;
  • The Intermediate Comic Award;
  • The Comics’ Pen Award;
  • The Lifetime Achiever Award;
  • The Flying Solo Comic Award;
  • The Non-English Comic Award;
  • The Nando’s Best Friend of Comedy Award;
  • The Breakthrough Award;
  • The Savanna Pan-African Comic Award;
  • The Audience Choice Award; and
  • The Savanna Comic of the Year.

The only category in which the public can vote is the Audience Choice Award. Voting for that category opens on Monday, 22 May and closes on Thursday, 25 August.

For more information, visit www.comicschoice.com.