Santam pledges R1 million towards disaster relief efforts


South Africa’s largest general insurer, Santam today announced a donation of R1 million as an immediate donation to support disaster relief efforts following the Western Cape floods and the devastating fires in the greater Southern Cape region.
The donation builds on Santam’s ongoing support to disaster management in a number of municipalities nationally, including the Eden District Municipality in the Southern Cape, the objective of which is to collaborate with provincial and district disaster management centres. Said Santam’s head of stakeholder relations, John Lomberg: “We will work with provincial governments and local municipalities to ensure that the funds are dispatched to the areas where they are immediately required.”
Over the past two days, Santam has appointed additional resources to assist with the management of insurance claims incurred during the damaging storms in parts of the Western Cape as well as the fires in the Southern Cape. “Our first priority is to the people who have suffered significantly as a result of these events and our teams are contributing towards ensuring their safety,” said Lomberg.


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