Salty Flames wins Ultimate Braai Master


                                                                                                              V   The couple, Nick Perfect and Chanel Marais, beat nine other teams in South Africa’s toughest cooking show and picked up R2 million worth of prizes. 

The couple had no experience whatsoever when it comes to braaiing and competed with a pool of people which consisted almost entirely of professional chefs and butchers.

Nick and Chanel, originally from Cape Town, were on fire, with the judges thoroughly impressed with the growth Salty Flames showed between the first round and the finale. Fellow finalists Team Muttonheads and Pretty Griddy each won R35 000 worth of Game vouchers.

How does it feel to know you were crowned the Ultimate Braai Masters for 2017?
“It hasn’t sunk in fully that we have won the title. I think it makes it all real when someone on the street shouts out ‘Hey, Ultimate Braai Master’. It’s very humbling” says Chanel.

The couple also promised South Africa that they won’t waste the hard-won title or the opportunity.

And what are they planning to do with their prize money?
They are looking at starting a Custom Mobile Kitchen in Cape Town as a way of launching themselves in the food and hospitality industry.

Congratulations Salty Flames! We are super proud of you guys.

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