SABC TV General Manager resigns


The SABC has announced the resignation of Mr. Maijang Mpherwane as General Manager of TV Bouquet (SABC 1 2 3 and Encore).

The resignation from the public service broadcaster is with effect from the 31st of July 2017.

Ms. Nomsa Philiso Group Executive: Television stated: “It is indeed a bitter sweet moment for us as the SABC. His departure comes at an exciting time for us as we are starting to see the fruits of our repositioning as a division, a project that Mr. Mpherwane contributed immensely to. However, we are proud that the SABC had an opportunity to guide and shape Mr. Mpherwane who came into the organization as an intern in 2004, and leaves today as a General Manager with a broad skill set across content and channel management. He now has an opportunity to further make a meaningful contribution to the broader production industry.”

Ms. Philiso further commented that: “We will be starting the recruitment process with immediate effect and we would like to assure the production industry of a seamless transition.”

Are things well at SABC?


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